Tuesday, 27 October 2020
No chance of rain this week No chance of rain this week

Bright and sunny week for Dubrovnik but wrap up against wind

By  Jan 20, 2020

Whilst most of the rest of Croatia is freezing with snow and tumbling temperatures Dubrovnik is caught in its own micro-climate that has brought clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine. In fact, January has been unusually warm and sunny so far in the wider Dubrovnik region with even a few brave tourists dipping their toes in the Adriatic.

This week will also be relatively warm and sunny with plenty of blue skies, although temperatures will be cooler than of late. The beginning of the week, Monday and Tuesday, will see a mixture of blue skies and scattered sunshine with highs to reach 12 degrees. A northerly wind will keep temperatures lower of both days. But if you find a spot out of the wind and in the sunshine it will feel more like April.

There is zero chance of rain all week.

Wednesday and Thursday will see similar weather conditions as the beginning of the week, however the northerly wind will have eased off making it feel slightly warmer, highs of between 13 and 14 degrees are expected.

And the end of the week, Friday, will be another calm and sunny day with only one or two clouds to spoil an otherwise blue sky. Highs on Friday will reach 14 degrees.



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