Wednesday, 28 October 2020
Come to Dubrovnik in April Come to Dubrovnik in April

The Sun – April is the ideal month to visit Dubrovnik

By  Jan 18, 2020

The most read newspaper in the UK has recommended to its readers that April is the ideal time of the year to visit Dubrovnik. In an article entitled “From Rome in March to Prague in July, here are the best places to go for warm weather & cheap prices in 2020,” the UK publication The Sun has listed Dubrovnik on their 2020 calendar.

“Which? research highlights Dubrovnik and Berlin as “a steal” if you travel in during this month. Although Dubrovnik’s flights come in at a pricey £153, they get much more expensive in later months,” states The Sun in the article.

Brits have been the most numerous tourists in Dubrovnik for the past decade, although American tourists are hot on their heels. And an article on the most popular newspaper in the UK will once again raise interest. And as Dubrovnik is aiming to extend the tourist season outside of the normal summer months the fact that The Sun mentions April as a good month to visit Dubrovnik will bring a smile to the faces of tourism professionals in the city.

The article also mentions the fact that the pound is up against the Euro giving Brits slightly deeper pockets. “And with Sterling six per cent stronger than the euro compared to a year ago, you will have £28 more to spend when you exchange £500.”



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