Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Dubrovnik is not on the list of undesirable destinations in 2020

By  Jan 14, 2020

The positive effects of the systematic measures launched by the City of Dubrovnik Local Government in 2017 with the program "Respect the City" were recognized internationally among the professional public and the world media, and in support of this is the article of the popular British Independent "Where not to go in 2020" – the City of Dubrovnik wrote in its press release. As they write, Dubrovnik has not been included in the list of destinations to be avoided in 2020, after the British Independent in 2017, along with Venice and Barcelona, included Dubrovnik as a destination whose protected heritage is endangered due to an excessive number of tourists.

-This imposed stigma on mass tourism has not affected its popularity at all, on the contrary, statistics testify to the increase in tourist arrivals from year to year. However, there were no unbearable crowds and blockages to the entrance to the historic core, except once exceptionally due to the ship's earlier location, which showed - Dubrovnik's problem was not the number of tourists, but the management of the destination – the City of Dubrovnik writes, adding that thanks to the controlled, effective and strategic measures of local self-government, the negative trend was stopped and the negative effects were prevented. Dubrovnik has transformed itself from a city where tourism spontaneously occurs to a destination that responsibly manages tourism, respecting the identity of the City and protecting the natural and cultural resources that attract millions of people.

Bruges, Iceland, New Orleans, Rome, Komodo, Kyoto, Amsterdam, Uluru, Venice and Machu Picchu were on the list of undesirable destinations, and two key criteria in creating the list were over-tourism and over-pricing.


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