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Museum of Oliver Dragojevic gets million kuna from the Ministry of Culture

By  Jan 10, 2020

One of the greatest Croatian musicians, Oliver Dragojevic, passed away in July 2018 after his fight with lung cancer at the age of 71, but will be remembered forever. In order to keep his memory alive, a special museum to honor this amazing artist will be made in the heart of Vela Luka, Korcula, where Oliver Dragojevic was born. 

It will contain numerous and interesting archival material related to famous Croatian musician, in whose honor a concert is held every summer in the square in front of the church. A good wind in the back came from Zagreb – Dalmatinski portal writes.

-We passed the Ministry of Culture competition and received one million kuna to start decorating the Oliver Dragojevic Memorial Museum Collection at the Cultural Center - said Vela Luka Chief Katarina Gugic for the Dalmatinski portal.

According to the article, it is now necessary to make an adaptation of the space for the collection within the Cultural Center.

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