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Dubrovnik Escape Room Dubrovnik Escape Room

Dubrovnik Escape Room

By  Jul 07, 2016

Want to be a hero for the day? The Dubrovnik Escape Room gives you and your team 60 minutes to “escape” from the Game of Thrones themed room.

Escape room is a new concept of entertainment where you and your teammates are challenged to solve a series of riddles, hints and mysteries within a set time frame! You are “locked” inside a room, based on the Game of Thrones, which has used Dubrovnik as the location of King’s Landing and have 60 minutes to work with your team to finish the mission and get out. It is a fun, unique and exciting experience to enjoy with your friends, colleagues or family! The game can get challenging but will give you a great sense of achievement and encourage you to work together with your team to finish the mission!

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Here is the storyboard - Baratheon’s mighty fleet is near King’s Landing, and siege on the capital is imminent. Luckily, the rulers of King’s Landing have foreseen the attack and started making preparations way ahead of time: they gave orders to the local master to work on a powerful weapon of destruction. So Meister Hallyne has been working diligently in his alchemy lab on a secret potion – a potion so strong that once explodes, it causes tremendous damage and no water used could extinguish it. This potion is called Wildfire, and is crucial to destroying the enemy fleet! However, the Meister working on the Wildfire mysteriously disappeared, and you are the only ones who can find the hidden wildfire jar in his alchemy lab! Can you make it in time to help save King’s Landing from the rage of Stannis Baratheon? His fleet is numerous, and King’s Landing will not be able to defend itself long, despite all its skilful fleet. You have 60 minutes to find the Wildfire so it can be used to fight the invaders! Sounds intriguing – will you beat the room of will the room beat you.

How Dubrovnik Escape Room works

The Dubrovnik Escape Room is an ingenious new idea and well worth a visit. Grab a group of friends and head off to “escape” from the room.

How to get there?
It is easy to get to the Dubrovnik Escape Room by public transport. Bus lines no. 2, 4, 5 and 7 drive there regularly. Address - Josipa Kosora 22, Dubrovnik

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