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How to spend Christmas Eve in Dubrovnik Mark Thomas

How to spend Christmas Eve in Dubrovnik

By  Dec 24, 2019

Christmas Eve is special everywhere, but it’s a really amazing experience in Dubrovnik! Everybody gets dressed up, even in the early morning, and many people decide to go to the Old City, where they mingle, sing and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

If you go to the Old City, you won’t be sorry, but you might be surprised by the crowd: made this time by locals and not tourists, all wearing their best dresses and suits, so called ‚monture‘ in Dubrovnik. You’ll probably hear ‚‘Nazdravlje vam Badnji dan‘‘ a lot, which is a way that in Dubrovnik people congratulate Christmas Eve.

The main event is at noon at Stradun! You’ll get a perfect chance to hear traditional Christmas carols performed by Lindo Folklore Ensemble, Libertas Choir and Dubrovnik Brass Band.

You can enjoy the afternoon cruising around the City, eating prikle and drinking mulled wine or gin, or you can rest, because the Christmas Eve is long!

At mindnight, there are masses in almost every church. Even if you are not religious, you’ll enjoy it because of Christmas songs and glorious atmosphere. After the mass, many young people decides to party their way into Christmas – or you can grab a drink on one of the festive sounds and wrap yourself into a blanket at home, even if it’s rented for just a couple of days.

It’s good to know that when it comes to public transport, there will be additional lines from 8 pm on the Christmas Eve. Also, the last departure on lines 1A, 1B, 4, 6, 8 will be at 02:30 am. Don’t forget that during the festive season the buses are free from 6 pm!

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