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Dubrovnik Festival of Light LUMIART to be held at Lazareti

By  Dec 05, 2019

Dubrovnik Heritage and the City of Dubrovnik with Pixel desing are organizing the first Dubrovnik Festival of Light LUMIART and it will last for three days, from December 7-9. The Festival takes place in Lazareti.

The program, which includes interactive audience participation in the magic of light, is tailored for all ages. The space of the Lazaret Plateau, the interior and the outer part, as well as the facade of the High School will be transformed by light installations.

At the opening of LUMIART, Dubrovnik Heritage also organizes a music program with renowned Croatian musician Jacques Houdek, who will perform at the opening on Saturday, while the music section of the program will be continued on Sunday by DJ Petra and Zac the Sax.

The festival starts on Saturday, December 7th at 6pm with the Lazareti Dance Studio, while Jacques will perform at 8pm.