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The magic of Advent in Lazareti for the first time Photo by Foto Nomad

The magic of Advent in Lazareti for the first time

By  Nov 29, 2019

Dubrovnik Winter Festival starts tomorrow and for the first time a part of the Christmas magic will transfer to Lazareti! 

For the first time in six years of the Festival, Dubrovnik Heritage is organizing a suitable Advent program. The opening is at tomorrow, Saturday, November 30th, at 6pm on the Lazareti Plateau with convenient music, dancing and free dining.

The opening program will include FA Lindo, Zupa majorettes, Dance Studio Lazareti, City Security and DJ Vjeverica, who will take care for the musical part of the program. Elves and fairies will be an integral part of the Advent in Lazareti.

Dubrovnik Heritage, in collaboration with the Dubrovnik Catering School, is offering more than a hundred completely free portions of 'dirty macaroni' this Saturday, with a free glass of wine.

Lazareti will also has a great selection of food and drinks at the Advent house, as well as from the stands where there will be excellent delicacies such as prosciutto, cheese selection, stews and a wide selection of craft beer.

Dubrovnik finally got another place to go during the most beautiful holidays of the year.

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