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PHOTO - First dog park in Dubrovnik constructed

By  Nov 27, 2019

After all the preparatory work, from the excavation, the construction of the wall to the construction of the fence and the formation of trails, the dog park equipment arrived in Mokosica. This ended all renovation work and the park should be open to users this week.

The dog playground is designed as a fenced-in park area, which, in addition to the basic elements of the park, such as trail, vegetation and park equipment, also contains dog equipment and allows owners to let their dogs off the leash so that they can move freely within the designated and fenced area.

Specially fenced areas for small and large dogs have been constructed, and information boards with rules have been set up at the entrance to the park. Green rest and play areas are left between the gravel paths of the ellipsoidal shape.

This is the first city dog park with a playground, situated on an area of about 2270 meters, and the investment is worth a total of about 370 thousand Kuna.

dog park1

dog park2

dog park3

dog park4

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