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Epicenter in Bosnia Epicenter in Bosnia

Dubrovnik shakes for the third time as major earthquake hits closer

By  Nov 26, 2019

Once again Dubrovnik has felt the force of an earthquake as at exactly 10:19am an earthquake in Bosnia and Herzegovina rolled over Dubrovnik. At a depth of 10 kilometres and measuring 5.2 magnitude the whole city shook for at least ten seconds. The epicentre was only 62 kilometres from Dubrovnik, in Nevesinje, near Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After this morning’s quakes in Tirana that awoke the whole city, and measuring 6.4 magnitude, this latest quake was considerably closer to Dubrovnik and therefore the effects were felt much stronger.

Windows rattled, books fell from shelves and tables rocked as the day of earthquakes around Dubrovnik continued.



Latest reports from Albania state that six people lost their lives in the quake at 3:54am, with over 160 people reported injured.

“After this morning’s earthquakes I just had a feeling that we hadn’t seen the last of them. It was too quiet. The birds weren’t singing. The earth was silent. And then the last one hit and the whole house shook, that was a big one, like a bus driving through my house,” commented a reader of The Dubrovnik Times.

So far there are no reports of any injuries of damage to buildings in Dubrovnik.

This quake was much closer to Dubrovnik, as Tirana is around 270 kilometres away and Nevesinje only 62 kilometres from the city centre.


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