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Cat sterilization action in Dubrovnik to continue next year

By  Nov 26, 2019

In cooperation with animal welfare organizations, the City of Dubrovnik has been successfully doing a cat sterilization action in the entire city area since July 2018.

According to the data collected from veterinary clinics, a total of 714 cats were sterilized, out of which 500 were females and 214 were males. All sterilized cats are marked with a small incision at the tip of the ear and can be easily recognized.

Castration and / or sterilization of cats is carried out primarily to control and regulate the cat population, especially when it comes to cats that are not cared for and are out in the public, as well as for public health reasons. This action will continue next year.

In 2019, a total of 870 thousand Kuna has been planned for the care of abandoned animals in the Budget, and 207,375 Kuna has been spent for cat sterilization and 516,150 Kuna for the temporary asylum Zarkovica, for dog food. In addition, at the request of the Dubrovnik Animal Welfare Society, the last revised Budget approved an amount of 500 thousand for the purpose of arranging asylum in Žarkovica for the purpose of improving conditions.

The City of Dubrovnik reminds that in May this year a conceptual design of the future Asylum was presented to accommodate abandoned dogs and cats from the Dubrovnik area, which will be able to accommodate 350 dogs and 50 cats. The budget proposal for 2020 plans funds for the start of construction in the amount of three million Kuna.

The project includes entry and reception areas, staff rooms and animal housing. The shelter will consist of an enclosed section for each animal separately and an open section, which will not allow animals to be injured, and in which the dogs will be able to move freely according to their needs. In front of the boxes, there will be outdoor running areas, enclosed by a fence, which will allow access to the dogs from the outside. Dog training and socialization facilities will also be provided. The service building will be there for staff - veterinarians, coaches, teammates and other necessary staff, and there will also be space for volunteers who wish to become involved in the work of the asylum, which will be managed by an expert body. A dog hotel is also planned where citizens will be able to leave the dog for a couple of days with a fee.

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