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Dubrovnik Winter Festival is coming - this is all you need to know!

By  Nov 25, 2019

Yes, it's that time year again! Exactly one month before Christmas press conference was held to announce the start of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival, which opens on Saturday, November 30th.

The Festival starts at 8 pm by switching on the Christmas lights. Right after, at 9 pm, it's time for the concert of The Frajle – famous band that consists of four ladies that will surely put a great show with their lively repertoire that includes popular melodies and chansons with a pinch of swing.

The center of the Festival concert events is the most beautiful stage of the world - Stradun, where throughout the festival Croatian stars of will perform - Gibonni, Zorica Kondza, as well as Neno Belan, Sanja, Marinko and Zec from Novi fosili and Damir Urban & 4 who will perform as part of the program New Year's Eve. For the celebration on December 31st, the top musical experience on Stradun will be brought by Parni Valjak, and for the performance of the cult band the audience will be warmed up by Ante Gelo band and guests, young hopes of Croatian music Bruna Oberan, Iva Ajdukovic and Alen Duras. Earlier that day, Mia Dimsic will entertain the youngest at New Year's Eve for children. Traditionally, on January 1st, at Stradun, you will be able to dance waltz with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, champagne and oysters. Maestro Noam Zur will conduct the orchestra. On the first day of 2020, the vocal group Iskon will perform in the evening on Stradun.

Dubrovnik Christmas Concert will be held on Sunday December 22th. The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by the young Croatian conductor Veton Marevci on Sunday, December 22th at the Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Hotel, with opera singers Valentina Fijacko Kobic and tenor Tomislav Muzek performing with pop diva Vanna. Davor Erceg, the Blasius Choir, and vocal groups FA Lindo and Subrenum will also perform and tickets to this special concert program are available online at

Kolenda brings unique atmosphere in the City, as a traditional Dubrovnik custom of singing through the streets and squares of Dubrovnik. In addition, the songs of vocal groups will entertain Dubrovnik locals and its guests on weekends, in the walk from Brsalje, across Stradun to Gundulic Square, where a music program will also be organized with a gastronomic offer at the festive stands.


To the delight of the youngest, the festival program will feature approximately 160 programs dedicated to them, which include socializing with Santa, elves and fairy-tale characters, old-fashioned games, fairy tales, drawing for the Santa, and many other programs throughout the city. The North Pole station will be at the Bursa Theater this year, and Lapad Bay will get a covered stage and a dome in addition to the rink. An advanced and rich program awaits children and young people in Mokosica.

Saturday mornings will be marked by the performance of the Lindo Folklore Ensemble with a free tourist sightseeing tour of the City organized by the Tourist Board of Dubrovnik, which will also organize a humanitarian Cake party on Stradun on December 14th, with the performance of the popular Domenica.
The novelty of this year's festival is the Christmas market in Lazareti, where donations from fellow citizens, for humanitarian purposes, will be sold by politicians, athletes and other public figures, with the entire collected going to the Dubrovnik Down Syndrome Association.

One of the most beautiful and popular works of classical ballet art, which traditionally fascinates children and adults around the world during Advent, the Nutcracker will be performed on Tuesday, December 10th, by an ensemble of Ukrainian Classical Ballet at the Sports Hall in Gospino polje organized by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival with tickets already sold out.

The Dubrovnik cultural institutions have also prepared a number of events for visitors of all ages, so the Dubrovnik Museums will have an exhibition Feathers, Apples and a Grain of Salt on the program, and a Natural History Christmas Shop will be organized. The children's play The Legend of Grandma Mokos, directed by Srdana Simunovic, will be performed at the Marin Drzic Theater on December 7th, and Dubrovnik Libraries in Mokosica will have holiday festivals and workshops.

Dubrovnik Winter Festival also has a mobile application, providing citizens and visitors information about the Dubrovnik Winter Festival program and the locations with decorations. When physically arriving at a location, the user is given the opportunity to use the camera in the app, and after taking a photo with a location filter, the photo remains on the device with the ability to share via social networks through the app itself.


One of the most useful information is that the buses will operate free of charege on all city lines (including lines 28 and 35) from 5 pm to the last departure of the evening.

There will also be a X-MAS BUS, whic will operate on the following route: Main Bus Station – Grawe – Pile – Vojnovic – Lapad Post Office and Lapad Post Office – Vojnovic, Pile – Tommy (Gruz) – Main Bus Station. 

For the special holiday experience, hop on the XMAS TRAIN, which will pass through Lapad Bay from the beach to the ice skating rink and back every day from 9:30 am to 5 pm. The train will depart every 30 minute and it is free of charge for all the passengers.

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