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Dubrovnik artists to present work at Bonhams in London

By  Nov 19, 2019

Dubrovnik artist Deša Vlahutin will present her work at the prestigious gallery of one of the largest auction houses in London. Bonhams Auction House will exhibit a series of sculptures called "Fibonacci Fragments" on the 25th of November. The exhibition not only has a visual character, but is a set of reflections on the impact of the Fibonacci series on art and life.

Visitors will have the opportunity to hear an interactive lecture by Ph.D. Jan Rosenzweig on the life of a famous mathematician and the relationship between mathematics, art and nature. The exhibition will also feature a musical piece composed of compositions inspired by the Fibonacci series.

desa Vlahutin dubrovnik

Deša's fascination with Fibonacci has resulted in a collection of sculptures which, as their origins, have figures of the Fibonacci sequence that, through the relationship of sculptural surfaces, evolve into a series that combines mathematical precision and minimalist sculpture. Seven white sculptures are devoid of detail, and they draw their sculpturalism precisely from the mathematical relation of one surface to the others, forming a rounded whole.


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