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Dubrovnik Red Cross to receive Rescue Runner

By  Nov 17, 2019

The Red Cross in Dubrovnik will soon have a special vessel which will be the starting block of an offshore rescue service in the city. The City of Dubrovnik have agreed to earmark the necessary funds in the 2020 to purchase a specialized search and rescue sea vessel.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, met with the head of the Dubrovnik branch of the Red Cross and they discussed the advantages of purchasing a “Rescue Runner” for Dubrovnik. It was agreed that the City of Dubrovnik would financially support the project and would also back the establishment of a future service and training courses.

rescue runner croatia

The "Rescue Runner" scooter is 3.6 metres in length and has a capacity for 375 kilograms and can reach speeds of up to 38 m/ph. It was designed for search and rescue missions and for working in the most challenging sea conditions, and would cover the entire area of the Dubrovnik area - from the island of Lokrum to the Elaphite islands.

The procurement of the "Rescue Runner" scooter is crucial for the pilot project of setting up an offshore rescue service, the first in Croatia to be developed by the Red Cross.

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