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Scandinavian swimmer gets caught in unpredictable Dubrovnik seas

By  Nov 16, 2019

Whilst the Adriatic Sea through the summer months is generally calm and inviting it has a completely different look in the winter, as one Scandinavian swimmer discovered today. The recent stormy weather has seen crashing seas all along the Croatian coastline as a gale force southerly wind combined with high tides caused floods. However, in spite of these extreme weather conditions one tourist decided to go for a swim in Dubrovnik today, as it turned out a longer swim than he had planned on.

dubrovnik swimming in old port in 2019

A middle-aged man, who is believed to be from Scandinavia, jumped in the sea to go for a quick dip on the Porporela breakwater. The Adriatic however had a different plan for the swimmer and due to the high waves he was unable to get out of the sea where had dived in and was forced to swim all the way into the Old City harbour where he was able to get out. The harbour is normally a buzz of boats and ferries but thankfully it was empty today. He was spotted by local fishermen and dragged out of the sea.

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