Wednesday, 28 October 2020
Kayaks washed out to sea Kayaks washed out to sea Mark Thomas

VIDEO – Kayaks rescued from Dubrovnik storm

By  Nov 13, 2019

The powerful storm that hit Dubrovnik today brought down trees, crashed advertising signs to the ground and sent waves crashing over the whole city.

One of the absolute hotspots of the storm and indeed the centre for the high seas was Pile and one of the victims of the weather was the kayaks based down by the shoreline. The waves literally picked up kayaks from the shore and tossed them into the Adriatic. At one point seven kayaks were left stranded in the sea until workers came to rescue them.

kajak dubrovnik 11

To say it wasn’t an easy job to fish them out of the crashing waves would be an understatement. The sea also created havoc with the equipment and advertising the kayak owners had left packed away for winter.

kajak in storm dubrovnik

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