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PHOTO - Strong wind causes chaos on Mljet, Lastovo and Peljesac

By  Nov 13, 2019

A major storm has hit Mljet. As Public Fire Department Mljet commander Mario Dabelic told Dubrovacki vjesnik, during yesterday 7 pines fell on the roads, and today there are thirteen. The weather does not calm down, rain constantly falls and the wind blows, so the firefighters are working all the time, and they have managed to save the boat at the port of Sobra.

It is not better on Peljesac either, and the local fire chief Mario Djuricic says that the firefighters have been running from intervention to intervention yesterday.

-Trees are falling, we are saving boats, and we are just rushing to Ston to help save a yacht - Djuricic told Dubrovacki vjesnik.

Mario Frlan, commander of Lastovo firefighters, said they had to remove nine fallen pines from the roads yesterday and four this morning. The citizens of Lastovo have removed the boats on time, so they have no problems when it comes to that, says Frlan.





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