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VIDEO - Gale force winds batter yacht in Dubrovnik Screenshot

VIDEO - Gale force winds batter yacht in Dubrovnik

By  Nov 12, 2019

After sunshine and blue skies yesterday the weather certainly took a turn for the worse today as gale force winds and pouring rain battered the whole city. Incredibly powerful winds whipped up the sea and uprooted trees and torrential rain made driving conditions very treacherous.

One of our readers caught this video of a yacht in the Bay of Lapad as extreme winds threatened to completely overturn the boat. The yacht had apparently dropped anchor in the sheltered bay a few days ago presumably looking for a good spot to avoid the heavy seas. However, the bay acted as a funnel for the winds and tossed the yacht around like a toy duck in a bath.

Just yesterday in this same bay we filmed a swimmer as he bathed in the Adriatic, today was a completely different story.

The weather has eased off in the meantime but more extreme weather is forecast for the rest of the week in Dubrovnik.

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