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Taron Egerton reveals that he wasn't happy on the set of Robin Hood Photo by Niksa Duper

Taron Egerton reveals that he wasn't happy on the set of Robin Hood

By  Nov 12, 2019

Taron Egerton, one of the rising stars of the acting world, has recently done an interview for “The Big Ticket”, Variety and iHeart’s movie podcast, where he talked about becoming Elton John, singing for Joni Mitchell and the most interesting thing for us - how he really feels about his failed “Robin Hood” movie.

Egerton was the main star of the Otto Bathurs's 2018 version of this well-known story. On this occasion, Dubrovnik acted as Nottingham and Sherwood Forest, so the famous actor could be seen all over the Old City, filming scenes with co-stars such as Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan and Eve Hewson. 

It all seemed ideal during the filming, but sadly, the movie turned out to be a real flop. In the latest interview Egerton reveals that it was not all that perfect.

- It was absolutely not the movie that I signed up to make. It was pitched to me in a different way. I think it was made by committee and I think it lost its vision. I wasn’t very happy on set. I didn’t have a very happy time making it - Egerton explains. 

Hopefully the young star will visit Dubrovnik again and enjoy it more than when it was Nottingham! 

A rep for Lionsgate nor Bathurst commented on Egerton’s remarks.

You can read and listen the full interview here.

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