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Ten new bus stops throughout Dubrovnik

By  Nov 10, 2019

The summer season has come to an end, the crowds have died down and the time has come to invest into Dubrovnik’s infrastructure. The latest project is the installation of ten new bus stops together with canopies and seats throughout the city. These new bus stops are being set up at places where canopies, from both the rain and sun, didn’t exist before.

The type of waiting room is selected depending on the spatial capabilities of each location. Thus, a closed waiting room with two front windows has been installed in Bosanka settlement, while the other bus stops are smaller shelters.

Work on the installation of new bus waiting areas and canopies should be completed within the next week. With this investment, worth a total of 384,000 Kuna, citizens will receive more appropriate conditions at bus stops that were not previously covered.

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