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The Templars have landed!  The Templars have landed! Tonci Plazibat

Ultimate Knightfall in Dubrovnik Photo Gallery

Written by  Jul 01, 2016

SPOILER ALERT - If you are a fan of Knightfall or don’t want to know too much about the filming in Dubrovnik stop reading now!

The American History Channel is currently filming their next blockbuster serial Knightfall in Dubrovnik. Explosions, sword fights and wooden galleons have featured as the production team have turned the Bay of Pile directly outside of the historic city walls of Dubrovnik into a scene from The Crusades.

This new ten-episode production comes hot on the heels of the acclaimed serial Vikings and the History Channel hope that Knightfall will be just as successful. The plot follows the Templars and their quest for the Holy Grail. The renowned actor Jeremy Renner will play one of the main roles and is also the producer; however we have yet to spot Renner in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is a fitting location for the serial as according to legend King Richard the Lionheart was left shipwrecked in 1192 on his way back from the crusades and was saved by swimming to the island of Lokrum in front of the city. He vowed to build a cathedral on the place where his foot touched land; however the Republic of Dubrovnik convinced him that the city was a much more suitable location for such a worthy gesture. The legend suggests that the English King then gave gold to build the first cathedral in Dubrovnik, at the time the most expensive cathedral in Europe.

The new History Channel series Knightfall certainly looks like being another hit off the production line. And after the filming of the HBO Game of Thrones and the eighth episode of Star Wars in Dubrovnik this next mega-serial will bring more attention to the city, what will be the next role for “Hollywood on the Adriatic,” we await with bated breath.

Check out the amazing photos from Tonci Plazibat

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