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Port of Dubrovnik generates over 29 million Kuna in revenue so far this year Branka Mumalo

Port of Dubrovnik generates over 29 million Kuna in revenue so far this year

By  Oct 23, 2019

The revenues of the Port of Dubrovnik in the first nine months of this year amounted to HRK 29.6 million Kuna, which is 29 percent more when compared to the same period from last year.

Expenses amounted to 17.7 million Kuna, which means that the profit of the port amounted to 11.9 million Kuna. The results of the port’s operations since the beginning of the year were praised by the President of the Management Board of the Port of Dubrovnik, Željko Raguž, at a press conference.

“Last year was a record year and this year we have generated 29 percent more revenue than last year. Some will say it's easy to generate revenue due to the cruisers that arrive. Of the four major port revenues; mooring and disembarking, garbage, storage and parking, only one is directly related to the arrival of cruisers - mooring and disembarking. Everything else is an effort of both the management and employees to reach these results,” said Raguz.



The number of cruisers was roughly the same as last year, and in 2019 the port recorded a 20 percent increase in waste removal revenue, which amounted to 1.2 million Kuna more than last year.

Jubilee awards and thank-you notes were also given to long-time employees of the company. For 30 years of work in Luka, plaques were awarded to the employees: Senad Dilberovic, Danijel Bulat; for 35 years Margarita Pecotic, Pero Djamarija, lawyers of the port Zoran Zec, Ramiz Hebib, Saban Stovrag, Edin Hebib, and for 40 years of work the following letters of thanks were received: Mare Svalina, president of the Workers' Council Senad Skaljic, Mujo Muratagic, president of the Emir Hadžimahovic union.

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