Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Armed robbery at Dubrovnik Airport - over 100,000 Euros in cash stolen

By  Oct 21, 2019

At around 7.40 this morning armed robbers held up security guards transporting money from the Dubrovnik Airport. After a busy weekend at the Duty Free Shop in the airport the cash was picked up this morning by security guards in a security van.

From information released two armed men approached the security guards on a motorbike and stole the money before speeding away.

As confirmed by the Dubrovnik-Neretva Police Department, the robbers stole the money and rode away in an unknown direction, the search for them and the stolen cash is intensive, as is the identification of all relevant information.

armed police in dubrovnik robbery at airport

Armed police at all Dubrovnik intersections - Photo Tonci Plazibat

The robbery was clearly carried out by someone well versed with the transferring of money from the airport. The robbers not only knew what time the security van would arrive but also that the weekend funds from the Duty Free Shop are transported on Monday morning. They also knew where the van would be waiting.

The investigation is ongoing. Unconfirmed reports are stating that over 100,000 Euros was stolen. The event was captured by surveillance cameras, but as the robbers wore helmets, their identity is not yet known. This is the first armed robbery on motorcycles in the Dubrovnik area.

More news to follow…


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