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Goodbye Roman! Goodbye Roman! Mark Thomas

Just as the swallows leave for summer so does Roman Abramovich

By  Oct 20, 2019

What’s missing from this photo? The Bay of Zupa, just south of Dubrovnik, doesn’t seem the same without the Eclipse mega yacht blocking out half of the view. Yes, it would seem that the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has sailed off into the Adriatic sunset, well at least his luxury yacht, the second longest in the world, Eclipse has.

After dropping anchor in front of Cavtat in early September the $500 million yacht has been a tourist attraction for the past two months. Although a constant flow of small tender boats were seen arriving at the yacht on a daily basis, presumably bringing with them food and other provisions, the owner of Chelsea F.C was never once spotted in Dubrovnik or nearby Cavtat.

good bye roman eclipse

Eclipse in front of Cavtat a few days ago - Photo Mark Thomas 

That is not to say that the ninth richest UK citizen, even though he was refused a British passport, didn’t spend the whole time relaxing on his floating home. And as Eclipse has its own submarine maybe Abramovich was enjoying the crystal, clear Adriatic underwater scene. And jet skis were also spotted buzzing around Eclipse so he really may have been enjoying some time alone.

The Russian is a huge fan of the Dubrovnik region and has been a constant annual visitor over the past decade. And overnight Eclipse has raised anchor and sailed away to presumably warmer climes, such as the Caribbean. See you next summer Mr. Abramovich.


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