Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Work on former Hotel Stadion continuing to plan

By  Oct 19, 2019

Demolition work, which preceded the reconstruction of the former Stadion Hotel, has been taking place in the city centre for a little over a month. And the banging will continue for around another ten days as the final stages of the work is carried out.

The City of Dubrovnik has invested around 18.3 million Kuna into the construction of a new sports object, or rather the development of an existing one, in the city. The main public swimming pool, which is also home to the city’s most successful sports club Jug water polo team, has long been need of reconstruction. Whilst the actual pool area is modern and even features a sliding roof, the rest of the building has looked a shambles for decades. The future new part of the building will contain a water polo museum as well as accommodation units and commercial spaces.

According to information from the city the deadline for completion is 15 months, meaning that by around February of 2021 the building will be in function. With the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, promising that “We expect the works to be completed in May 2020, followed by interior decoration. I expect the complex could open for Saint Blaise in 2021.”


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