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Gastro workshops and presentations part of impressive Good Food Festival 2019 program TZ Dubrovnik

Gastro workshops and presentations part of impressive Good Food Festival 2019 program

By  Oct 14, 2019

The 2019 Good Food Festival Dubrovnik includes a total of 18 workshops. There will be 14 workshops at the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) on Pile, with the participation of renowned jury member of the Croatian MasterChef Mate Jankovic, Robert Hromalic, Antonia Medo, Marina Zibert Ercegovic, Jadranka Nicetic, Ana-Marija Bujic, Lucija Tomasic Saric, Damir Saric and Gourmet Experience Croatia. As every year, the program was enriched by the Association of Deša, who will prepare four workshops of traditional dishes and desserts. Admission to all workshops is free, with a mandatory reservation.

Renowned Croatian dessert chef Robert Hromalić, in cooperation with Kraš, Croatia's most famous chocolate and confectionery factory, has created and will make three cakes and also hold a workshop for preparing these top desserts for Dubrovnik audiences on Monday, the 14th of October at 10.30 am in the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

Talented Chef Mate Jankovic, one of the jury members of the popular culinary show MasterChef, will reveal all the secrets through his two workshops at this year's festival and show the preparation of top risotto and shrimp preparation at workshops on the 14th and 15th of October at 5 pm, while the young Dubrovnik pastry chef, Antonia Medo, will hold a workshop "Sweet, and healthy!" on Tuesday, the 15th of October at 10.30 am at TIC on Pile. Antonia, through her dessert-making skills, as the name implies, will show you how to make healthy desserts, gluten-free carob cake and vegan sponge squares without sugar, eggs, gluten and milk.

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This year's festival will again be enriched by the Gourmet Experience Croatia with a total of four diverse workshops. At an interesting workshop on Wednesday, the 16th of October at 10.30 he will show guests how to make traditional soups from Istria, Zagreb and Zagorje, on Thursday, the 17th of October at 10.30 he will hold a workshop for preparing traditional cakes in different versions, and at 5.00 pm he will prepare Istrian fuži (pasta) with prosciutto and truffle, Krćke šurlice and Istrian pasta. Respected workshop leaders have also prepared a workshop for the preparation of a traditional layered cake “Međimurska gibanica”, which will be held on Friday, the 18th of October at 5 pm.

"Aromas and Flavours of Dubrovnik Oranges" is another one of the "sweet" workshops where Jadranka Ničetić and Lucija Tomašić Šarić will teach us how to make a cake of rich and luxurious taste, made from the most delicious citrus fruits, oranges and almonds. The workshop will be held on Wednesday, the 17th of October at 5pm at TIC Pile.

Lucija Tomasic Saric, a Dubrovnik pastry chef and owner of the Mala Truba patisserie, together with her husband Chef Damir Saric, will hold a workshop for making natural yeast from which to make bread.

And leading Dubrovnik chef, Marina Žibert Ercegović, will give a lecture on how to turn a simple meal into a restaurant quality meal, and also advise guests on how to make a menu and a bill of costs, and Ana-Marija Bujić and Jadran Tutavac will explain and present how a restaurant cook book is created. Learn how to organize material and photos and sample some of the recipes from the cook book “Pantarul Doma”.

This year's festival will also feature a guest appearance by the renowned French pastry chef, Gilles Bajolle, from the Dubrovnik sister city of Rueil-Malmaison. During his two workshops, on Saturday at 10.30 and again on Sunday at 4.30, he will prepare chocolate soufflé and chocltae truffles. If you are a chocolate lover and want to learn how to make these simple and perfect cake, join one of these workshops!

The Humanitarian Association Deša has prepared a number of interesting, delicious and sweet workshops for the Good Food Festival this year. Members of this association will show you how to make traditional desserts, the traditional Dubrovnik Crème Torte made according to the original recipe, apple strudel with eclipses or quince, brittle crunch and homemade bread with rosemary, olives and dried tomatoes. Interesting, educational and delicious workshops of the Deša Association will bring us back to the original and traditional cuisine of Dubrovnik housewives. The four Deša workshops will be held Thursday through Sunday starting at 10:00 am.

For the purpose of presenting the rich Croatian gastronomy, traditional Blato desserts and lumblias will be presented at this year's festival. In addition to the presentation of the book "Blajska dining table" by Rada Kaštropil, the 8th “Days of Blato Lumbli” will be announced at this event in the Croatian Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, the 15th of October, along with traditional sweets from Blato, the island of Korcula.


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