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Eclipse still in Cavtat Eclipse still in Cavtat Mark Thomas

Is Roman Abramovich thinking of taking Croatian citizenship?

By  Oct 13, 2019

Is Roman Abramovich, or more precisely his mega yacht Eclipse, even going to leave Dubrovnik? It is no secret that the Russian billionaire is a fan of the Adriatic coastline of Croatia, especially the Dubrovnik region, but his yacht has never stayed in the region for this length of time before. The owner of Chelsea FC mega yacht first arrived in the Bay of Zupa, just south of Dubrovnik, back at the end of August, left for a week and then came back again at the beginning of September. And since then the $500 million Eclipse has been at anchor.

Although the ninth richest man in the UK hasn’t been spotted, either in Dubrovnik or Cavtat, a constant flow of small tender vessels arrive and depart at the yacht on a daily basis. The second longest private yacht in the world is certainly dominating the Bay of Zupa with other yachts and pleasure boats resembling toy boats, it is almost like Dubrovnik has a new floating tourist attraction.

eclipse in dubrovnik cavtat ovtober 2019 33

Eclipse at anchor - Photo Mark Thomas 

And although Roman Abramovich’s yacht has been enjoying the crystal, clear Adriatic and soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine it appears that the billionaire isn’t dipping into his $13 billion fortune to pay for his Croatian cruise. The cost of dropping anchor in the sheltered Dubrovnik bay is exactly zero Euros! And as it has been reported that the charter of Eclipse costs a massive $3 million a week there should be money left in the budget to pay for anchorage charges. But Abramovich isn’t to blame, he can’t pay fees even if he wanted to, the law doesn’t exist and so there is no way to charge him.

eclipse in dubrovnik in october 2019 11

The second longest private yacht in the world - Photo Mark Thomas 

According to Croatian law tourists can stay in the country for three months without needing a visa, so we can only presume that Eclipse and its crew, and quite possibly Abramovich himself, won’t be able to celebrate Christmas in Dubrovnik. That is unless the Russian oligarch is actually planning to take another European Union passport after failing to get a UK one.

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