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Dubrovnik's parking woes - over three times as many cars as parking spaces

By  Oct 13, 2019

The city-owned company Sanitat earned a whopping 19.1 million Kuna million in 2018 from parking charges around the city.

Starting from the 1st of October parking prices were lowered throughout the city. The most expensive parking zone, which is zone zero has seen prices dropped from 75 Kuna an hour to 20 Kuna an hour, whilst the price for zone two has been decreased from 50 Kuna to 20 Kuna. And from the 1st of November prices for parking across the whole city will also be lowered, with the cheapest zone 5 Kuna an hour.

Many Dubrovnik citizens purchase the monthly parking ticket, which at only 60 Kuna a month is certainly financially sensible. However, there are far more cars in the city than parking spaces.

Currently, there are as many as 3.5 times more monthly ticket holders than available seats. Namely, Sanitat has 2,154 parking spaces in the payment system, while 7,503 monthly parking tickets are active. Dubrovnik, a city with just over 42,000 inhabitants, has over 20,000 registered cars. And that is not including the thousands of taxis that migrate to Dubrovnik during the summer months.


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