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Green destinations: Dubrovnik presented as an example of good practice in sustainable tourism

By  Oct 11, 2019

Green Destinations Conference takes place in Zagreb, Delnice and Mali Losinj from 9 to 12 October, and one of the main topics is the sustainable management of destinations with the control of over-tourism and the protection of the interests of the local population. The first part of the conference was held in Zagreb on Wednesday, discussing the experience of Croatian destinations in sustainable tourism. The city of Dubrovnik was singled out as one example of good practice. Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepsic spoke at the conference about the challenges that Dubrovnik is facing in tourism and about the city's project Respect the City.

Deputy Tepsic emphasized that the focus of the program Respect the City is a better life of citizens through Tourism Management Measures. She announced that the City of Dubrovnik will undertake a sustainability measurement by the end of the year in collaboration with the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism, which will define further steps in managing the destination.

- Dubrovnik started a change of management and much more needs to be done to be called 'green', but we are starting with various projects and gradually introducing measures for that. From the research we will discover what needs to be changed quickly, what later, and also what people think. Our Respect the City project is also entering a new phase, and a plan for the management of the Old City center is being drawn up, which UNESCO has also requested, because that core is a World Heritage Site - she said, adding that this document would be ready by mid-2020.

The event brought together more than 120 participants from 30 countries around the world to discuss the so-called green solutions for tourist destinations, including nature conservation, biodiversity and local culture, waste and plastic waste management, especially from the seas and oceans, and strategies for developing an environmentally responsible destination policy. The organizer of the conference is Green Destinations, a non-profit sustainable tourism foundation that runs a global partnership of professional organizations, companies and academic institutions. The forum will also include awards and certificates for the top 100 sustainable and green destinations in the world in 2019.

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