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VIDEO – Game of Thrones bandwagon continues to roll on for Dubrovnik Screenshot

VIDEO – Game of Thrones bandwagon continues to roll on for Dubrovnik

By  Oct 06, 2019

Even though the final episode crashed onto the screens back in the middle of May this year the Game of Thrones bandwagon is still rolling on and bringing with it international publicity for Dubrovnik. For seven of the eight seasons Dubrovnik played King’s Landing in the HBO serial and over that period attracted fans and indeed media attention by the bucket load.

Although exact figures on the number of tourists who have visited Dubrovnik due to the serial is difficult to measure one factor gives a pretty good indication, the explosive rise in the number of American guests. Even though direct flights from the US to Dubrovnik only started this summer season, tourists from the US have been the second most numerous in the city for the past few years. A great deal of this interest is down to Game of Thrones.




The latest Game of Thrones media blast comes from the popular American PBS NewsHour with a program entitled “'Game of Thrones' lives on in Medieval Croatian city.”

“HBO's blockbuster series, "Game of Thrones," broke records for Emmy nominations and wins before it ended this year. But in the small Croatian city of Dubrovnik, the series lives on. It was the backdrop for much of the fantasy thriller, helping its tourism numbers to explode. But some say the swashbuckling series has been a double-edged sword,” commented PBS on the video that was broadcast across America yesterday.

The show features various tourists on the streets of the ancient Old City of Dubrovnik as well as one of the leading tour guides in the city, Ivan Vukovic, who runs Game of Thrones themed tours. "Croatia, this is was like one of the things I was looking forward to the most. Literally the Game of Thrones tour," commented one fan. 

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