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Bendy buses coming to Dubrovnik to ease summer traffic problems

By  Oct 05, 2019

Three new “bendy” buses will soon be on the streets of Dubrovnik as the public transport company Libertas has signed a contract for the lease of these flexible buses. These new buses are intended for the use of transporting cruise ship passengers from the main port to the Old City of Dubrovnik and will hopefully aid with the overall congestion during the main summer season.

Why these buses haven’t been thought of before is a mystery but with 41 seats and room for another 107 standing passengers they hold almost three times the number of passengers as a normal coach. Just do the maths and it is clear to see they will solve the number of coaches that suffocate the roads during the height of summer.

The new bendy buses have been taken on a seven-year lease and the first bus is expected to hit the streets in January next year. Not only will they be used on the cruise ship lines but also on the most frequented of public lines in the city. And although three have been ordered a further three are also in the pipeline.


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