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VIDEO: Dubrovnik singer Vlaho Arbulic releases new single 'Stanford' Screenshot

VIDEO: Dubrovnik singer Vlaho Arbulic releases new single 'Stanford'

By  Oct 02, 2019

One of the most talented and promising musicians of the new generation, Vlaho Arbulic, delighted his fans with his new single ‘Stanford’.

Vlaho showed how he excelled in different music genres, surprising his audience with a trip to country tones. After the hits Blabla, Home and Feel it, this single, for the fourth time in a row, illustrates the author's journey into new musical directions, in addition to its theme, which is also a story of a journey and new beginnings.

In the newest video this singer from Konavle "plays" the character of a boy from a village in love with a girl outside his league, who goes to Stanford College. Although he is aware that he will probably never see her again, their last night and farewell bring a unique combination of passion and sadness. The song vividly portrays something that almost all of us will sooner or later encounter in our lives - a love split.

As the author of the music and lyrics, with the help of producer Darko Dimitrov, Vlaho shared his emotion in the best possible way.

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