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Great cooperation of Dubrovnik and Bad Homburg continues with youth exchange

By  Sep 30, 2019

Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepsic, Head of the Department for Education, Sport, Social Welfare and Civil Society Dzivo Brcic and Head of the Department for European Funds, Regional and International Cooperation Zrinka Raguz welcomed a delegation from Bad Hamburg, one of the 'sister cities' of the City of Dubrovnik.

This year the long-lasting cooperation between the two cities continues through youth exchange. After 11 young dancers from the Convivo dance group visited Bad Homburg in April this year, a delegation from the German city arrived in return with city officials Marc Nolte and Silke Amrein. Marc Nolte told the hosts that he brings the greetings of the Mayor of Bad Hamburg, Alexander Hetjes, and thanked them for his hospitality, pointing out that the joint projects of Bad Hamburg and the City of Dubrovnik further strengthened the friendship between the two cities.

It was agreed that it is still necessary to strengthen and enhance existing projects and jointly design new projects in the field of child and youth care, social and health care. In addition to the collaboration of young dancers, there is also an excellent collaboration made by Red Cross societies, firefighters, athletes and young musicians. Also, at the same time, a group of young handball players hosted by our Dubrovnik handball club is visiting Dubrovnik, and part of the program of these two youth exchanges will be realized together.

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