Wednesday, 08 July 2020

Neverending summer is, sadly, coming to an end

By  Sep 29, 2019

Meteorologists announce that this wonderful, summerlike, warm weather will finish soon, according to the current forecasts. It is supposed to be much cooler in Croatia in the second part of the week! There will be heavy rainfall throughout the Adriatic and at the mouintains at the end of Wednesday, after which the weather will remain unstable and cooler than average.

At the end of the week, temperatures in the higher regions will be just below a degree, in the lowlands about 6 to 7 degrees, and even though we have just stepped into autumn, the atmosphere will feel like winter in these parts.

For our part of the Adriatic, the State Hydrometeorological Institute announces a rainfall weekend with morning temperatures of around 15 degrees Celsius and maximum daily temperatures not exceeding 20 Celsius.

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