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Dubrovnik City Walls will not increase ticket prices for 2020

By  Sep 22, 2019

The adult entrance ticket price for the most iconic Dubrovnik attraction, the Dubrovnik City Walls, will remain unchanged for 2020. The price of 200 Kuna for one adult ticket to walk the 1.9 kilometres of the most visited tourist attraction in Dubrovnik, and indeed one of the most visited attractions in Croatia, will remain the same next year.

The walls have recently sold their one millionth entrance ticket and are well on course to reach the 1.3 million visitors that walked these unique walls last year.

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“We expect excellent number of visits in the post-season, during October and November, and I believe that last year's figures of 1.3 million visitors will be repeated,” commented Maro Kapovic from the Association of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities, the organisation that runs and looks after the walls.

“The walls of Dubrovnik deserve such a price and the figures show that we were right. We have pledged that we will not increase prices for the next two years, so there will be no change in price. We can see that such a decision resulted in the better flow of the walls. Tourists' visits are spread throughout the day, and we can be pleased with the investments that we will continue to make next year,” concluded Kapovic.


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