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Mark Thomas, Peter Clements and Andro Vlahusic Mark Thomas, Peter Clements and Andro Vlahusic

Photo gallery: Start of the British Week in Dubrovnik

Written by  Jun 27, 2016

British week has officialy started in Dubrovnik today. There is no better way to start then with a traditional English brekfast and a cup of tea, with a few words from the organisers and guests.

Everybody, from Mayor of Dubrovnik Andro Vlahusic to Romana Vlasic, the director of Dubrovnik Tourist Board, accompanied by Peter Clements, deputy head of mission and Mark Thomas, honory consul have emphasized the connection between England and Dubrovnik, which is going strong for many years.

They welcomed this new project which will become, as a Mayor promised, the tradition that will from now on happen every year. Clements also said that no matter of what the situation with England is, implying on the recent leaving of the EU, Dubrovnik and England will always be friends.

After the traditional breakfast everybody went to Pile entrance of Dubrovnik, where the iconic red London double-decker bus is parked.
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