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The City of Dubrovnik wins 3D Urban Planning Award for the Smart and Sustainable city

By  Sep 16, 2019

Representatives of the City of Dubrovnik participated in the traditional GDi Solutions Day conference held on Thursday in Zagreb at the Kaptol Boutique Cinema. The conference was attended by 250 experts who discussed the topics of smart society and business and the impact of climate change on life, business and business processes. Special honors were also awarded in three categories, and the City of Dubrovnik received the 3D Urban Planning Award for the Smart and Sustainable City in the "GDi Smart Society 2019" category.

The award was received by the Head of the Department for Urbanism, Physical Planning and Environmental Protection Jelena Loncaric, who represented the City of Dubrovnik together with Senior Advisor Franjo Barisic. Loncaric also participated in the interesting panel discussion, with representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Natura Viva Public Institution and the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Fund. The panel discussed the economic impact of climate change and investment and infrastructure construction as a mechanism for managing climate change.

In other categories, the Ministry of Agriculture's Fisheries Directorate was recognized for its innovative idea of traceability in the food chain from sea to table, in the category "GDi Smart Innovation 2019". Generali Insurance has been recognized in the "GDi Smart Industry 2019" category for its geo-cloud flood, earthquake and landslide risk management solution.

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