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Dubrovnik Mayor meets CLIA in Hamburg

By  Sep 13, 2019

Mayor of Dubrovnik Mato Frankovic held a working meeting yesterday in Hamburg with leaders of the world's cruise lines sailing to the Port of Dubrovnik, members of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

Various topics were discussed in the meeting including the management of the destination and the successes and challenges facing the City of Dubrovnik in implementing the Respect the City project, primarily in the form of reducing the number of passengers on cruise ships. Regarding the further development of sustainable tourism, the rules for the 2020 season have also been harmonized, which will cover further improvements in the number of guests who visit the City at the same time.

The introduction of a cruise tax was also announced, beginning in 2021, in accordance with the applicable Law on Tourist Fees of the Republic of Croatia. The funds that the City of Dubrovnik will derive from the residence tax for cruise ship guests will be earmarked for the improvement of the city's communal infrastructure.


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