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EX-HOTEL STADION Reconstruction work on the city swimming pool building started

By  Sep 11, 2019

Reconstruction of the ex-hotel Stadion began on Monday, September 10th, and according to the contract signed at the beginning of August with the contractor,Texo Molior Ltd., the defined completion date is 15 months from the date of commissioning.

With an investment worth HRK 18.3 million, the City of Dubrovnik continues to begin the cycle of investing in the neglected sports infrastructure. The special part of this reconstruction is that it also gives Dubrovnik the first water polo museum, which will unite all the sports achievements of our club with most trophies.

The reconstruction of the city pool building involves the arrangement of the interior edges of the building and the exterior spaces within the lot. The interiors are divided into two zones: hostel premises, which will be high roh-bau, and spaces that will be completed and be used by the City of Dubrovnik, or more precisely Public Institution Sports Facilities Dubrovnik. In addition to polyvalent spaces, there will be the premises of the Water Polo Club Jug (office space, trophy hall, club cafe) and the premises of the Public Institution, Swimming Club Jug and the Association (office space, meeting rooms and other accompanying rooms). The future hostel is organized into two separate tracts with separate accesses on the east and west sides. It will have approximately 44 rooms, with a reception and a cafe on the ground floor.This space will be offered for concession.

The surrounding exterior will also be arranged - the ground areas along the eastern and western entrances on the ground floor and the southwest entrance on the ground floor, while the northern part of the parcel, which is now used as a parking lot, will be transformed into a pedestrian area - a square and urban and horticultural landscaping. Together with the future public garage in the area behind OTP Bank and the DTS building on Dr Ante Starcevic Street, it will form a new, urban view of this part of the city.

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