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The Women’s Bank Walk to be held in Dubrovnik for the fifth time Zeljko Tutnjevic

The Women’s Bank Walk to be held in Dubrovnik for the fifth time

By  Sep 11, 2019

The Women's Bank Walk event is aimed at raising funds to improve the quality of life of women in underdeveloped countries in terms of education and furthering their knowledge. It will take place in Dubrovnik on Sunday, September 15th, starting at 6pm in front of Sponza Palace with a symbolic walk at Stradun. Participants will be given donation cards and anyone is more than welcome to join the walk. This major humanitarian action, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, will take place in 100 and more cities across Finland and across Europe, mostly on the same day.

It is important to gather as many people as possible, because besides donations that will be collected through payments to the association's account, Finnish sponsors will donate a certain amount of money for each person who participated. The event will be opened by Reeta Meriläinen, Finland's first sports journalist and former chairwoman of the Women's Bank's management group. The event will also be attended by Rosa Vanhanen, Consul at the Finnish Embassy in Zagreb and numerous bloggers from 10 different countries.

This is the fifth time that the Women's Bank Walk will be held in Dubrovnik, and it is a great opportunity for Dubrovnik to connect with Finland and the rest of Europe in such a humanitarian way and help women in underdeveloped countries in cooperation with them. Last year, at the Women's Bank Walk in Dubrovnik, 4,157.32 euros were donated by participants, as well as tourists who could not attend the symbolic walk, so the money was paid directly into the account, and donations of 30 euros for each participant by Finnish sponsors. This made Dubrovnik second after Helsinki in terms of funds raised, out of a total of 74 cities across Europe where the action took place on the same day.

The humanitarian organization that launched the symbolic walk for women, the Women's Bank (Naisten Pankki), was set up in 2007, after the return of a group of Finnish business women from Liberia, who were shocked by the perceived poverty there and decided to help. Since its start, more than 15.5 million euros has been raised to fight poverty. They are based on women and their ability to work and earn money independently. The idea is to educate them and thus help them earn a living for themselves, and this improves the quality of life for both women and children, and ultimately the entire local community.

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