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First American Airlines flight to Dubrovnik in 2019 First American Airlines flight to Dubrovnik in 2019 Tonci Plazibat - HANZA MEDIA

Direct flights from Chicago to Dubrovnik in 2021

Written by  Sep 01, 2019

After news broke that American Airlines could well connect Dubrovnik with another American city soon the popular specialised aviation website EX-Aviation have reported that flights from Chicago could be launched in 2021.

The biggest airline in the States introduced direct flights from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik this summer season, with three non-stop flights a week. This service has proved extremely popular, so much so that the airline added an extra weekly flight in September. And then went a step further by upgrading flights next year to a daily service. In many ways this American connection is historic, as it is the first time in 28-years that Croatia has had direct flights from an American destination. And the upgrade to a daily service seems to prove that the airline has made a sensible business move.




The number of American tourists has been growing steadily in Dubrovnik over the past five to six years, in thanks partly to the success of the HBO serial Game of Thrones and Dubrovnik’s leading role as the location of King’s Landing.

Speaking to the American Airlines podcast “Tell Me Why” Vasu Raja, the airline’s vice president of network and schedule planning, stated that “Barcelona, Venice, Athens, Prague, Dubrovnik, Prague, and Budapest - all of those started in Philadelphia,” he said. “We realised they could also work in Chicago given where the traffic was coming from.”

arrival of first american airlines flight greeted with water

First American Airlines flight greeted at Dubrovnik Airport - Photo Tonci Plazibat 

EX-YU Aviation have reported that after Philadelphia the next American city to have direct flights could well be Chicago. This would tie in with the business thinking of Raja, who has clearly made this move before. American Airlines test out a destination through Philadelphia were it seems that costs are lower, if that test works then they upgrade the service, with the next step being introducing more expensive airports, such as Chicago.

Presumably if Chicago then goes according to plan other cities could open flights as well, however there is clearly a limit on the number of American destinations that Dubrovnik could receive flights from due to the limited size of the destination. There have been calls from many for direct flights from New York and Dubrovnik, however such flights seem a long way down the road as the airport costs from New York are restrictive for such flights.

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