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Filming ready for Knightfall in Dubrovnik

Written by  Jun 24, 2016

Ancient ships, scenery, flags and props, Dubrovnik is getting ready for another major international film production. The American historical series “Knightfall” is about to be filmed in Dubrovnik. The series follows the fall, persecution and burnings at the stake of the members of the ancient order of the Templars. The History Channel is behind the latest film production in the city and the famous American actor Jeremy Renner will play one of the main roles and is also the producer.

The series follows the life one of the Templar leaders in search of the Holy Grail. And the History Channel has been recently searching for extras who are “bearded men with long hair between the ages of 25 and 50.” There will be, according to info from the History Channel, ten episodes in this new series and it is hoped that it will be just as successful as the recent “Vikings” serial which was also a History Channel production.

After the success of the Game of Thrones and Star Wars, which were partly filmed on location in Dubrovnik, Knightfall will also bring international publicity and recognition to the city.

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