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Botanical garden on the island of Lokrum to be revitalized

Written by  Aug 29, 2019

For many years, the Botanical garden on the island of Lokrum has been in a state of stagnation and decay, mainly due to natural processes. Therefore, the Lokrum Reserve Public Institution initiated a project last year to improve the overall condition of the garden as soon as possible.

The Botanical garden on Lokrum Island was established in the 1960s with the aim of monitoring the adaptation of exotic plants in the conditions of our climate as a kind of scientific experiment. Today, the University of Dubrovnik's Institute of Marine and Coastal Water takes care of this garden in a scientific and professional sense. Unfortunately, the effects of shelling during the Homeland War and the intense weather events in recent years have had a significant negative impact on the garden and plant material, and it is necessary to urgently take appropriate measures to revitalize the garden.

The Lokrum Reserve Public Institution has taken the initiative and started the process of restoring the garden in order to preserve and better interpret, and invested significant resources and work in the preparation of the necessary documentation and provided funds for the restoration. According to the geodetic basis of the garden, preliminary design was made and all necessary permits and approvals of the competent firms in the field of nature and cultural heritage were obtained. Thus, at the end of last year, project documentation was prepared for the arrangement and equipping of the garden and paths, whose total value of the works is approximately 3.8 million kuna.

The project envisages the equipping of existing paths and the installation of interpretation elements within the garden in order to increase the material standards of the botanical garden and the entire protected area. It also ensures an increase in the number of educated and informed visitors about the role and importance of forest ecosystems, as well as providing information on families and types of plant material in the area of the Botanical garden and the entire reserve.

The newest rehabilitation project envisages rehabilitation and landscaping of existing paths of about 725 meters in length, removal of damaged plant material and planting of 195 new plant species with a total of 1466 seedlings in 13 fields in the garden. New urban equipment (benches, information and interpretation panels, entry portal) will also be erected. The Botanical garden will start the next season completely revitalized, ready to welcome everyone who chooses Lokrum as their favorite destination during their visit.

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