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10th Anniversary Party 10th Anniversary Party

Tenth Anniversary celebration of Dubrovnik Sun Gardens collects donation for Dubrovnik Animal Protection Society

By  Aug 27, 2019

A donation of 26,450 Kuna was handed over to the Dubrovnik Animal Protection Society yesterday, which was raised during a donor dinner on the 26th of July to mark the 10th anniversary of the Dubrovnik Sun Gardens. This humanitarian event has been supported by numerous guests with the aim of raising funds for the welfare and protection of animals in the Dubrovnik area.

The donation was presented on behalf of the Dubrovnik Sun Gardens by the General Manager of the Hotel, Christian Larss Krekovic, and was received by the President of the Society, Sandra Sambrailo, who thanked everyone involved in the initiative and emphasized that any assistance was welcome to restore the shelters and improve the conditions of abandoned animals in Zarkovica.


"I am happy that we celebrated the birthday of the resort in this way and I thank all those who supported us in the realization. This project is part of the socially responsible business that the Dubrovnik Sun Gardens has been operating in the community from the very beginning,” Krekovic said.

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