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Works on sports infrastructure in Dubrovnik started

By  Aug 27, 2019

The renovation of the judo hall in Mokosica has begun, and with the construction of a new artificial turf football field in Gospino polje and the expected reconstruction of the ex-hotel Stadion building with the water polo musem, the City of Dubrovnik has launched a planned cycle of investment in decades of neglected sports infrastructure.

In Mokosica the existing office space in the basement of residential and commercial building "S", which has the total net usable area of 370 square meters and is used for the needs of Judo Club Mokosica, is being adapted due to the bad conditions of the materials and installations. The contractor is Texo Molior Ltd., the contracted value of the investment is 3,083,523.03 kuna including VAT, and the execution period is 90 days from the date of commissioning.

During the same period, the field of artificial grass is underway in Gospino polje. The new football pitch will meet the Federal League rankings. The value of the investment co-ordinated by the Dubrovnik Sports Facilities Public Institution is 3.2 million kuna excluding VAT.

Quality sports infrastructure is one of the six strategic areas defined by the Strategy for the Development of Sports and Sports Infrastructure in the City of Dubrovnik 2018-2028, adopted by the City Council at its 19th session and represents a basic prerequisite for the development and popularization of sports and sports disciplines for recreational and professional purposes.

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