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Have your say - the prices are much cheaper than in France

By  Aug 27, 2019

Every week through the height of summer we are hitting the streets of Dubrovnik to discover what you, our visitors, think about the city as a tourist destination. This week we caught up with two young travellers and their lovely dog from France who were all was visiting Dubrovnik for the first time.

Melody and Giome – France

What are your impressions of Dubrovnik so far? What have you seen and what have you liked?

We haven’t had so much time to explore yet but what we have seen until now has been very nice and clean. It looks like a nice city to live in. This is our first time in Dubrovnik and we are excited to explore some more. In fact, this is our first time in Croatia.

What do you think about the prices in Dubrovnik? Are we more expensive than France?

We have to say that the prices are much cheaper than in France, especially when you compare Dubrovnik with a popular tourist destination in France. The food in the shops seems cheaper and the drinks. We have also found the restaurants cheaper than in France. So far we have eaten for around 40 Euros for us both in restaurants here, but in France you can’t find a good meal for under 30 Euros for one person.

What have you been doing since you have arrived in Croatia, have you been able to explore much of the country?

We are travelling with our dog so obviously we have been spending lots of our time walking around. In fact, it is always better to explore a destination on foot. The dog is a good excuse for us to walk. And as we are travelling by car, basically on a road-trip, we need to exercise our dog as well. We have visited a few of the national parks and will stay in Dubrovnik for two days. Plitvice lakes were incredible. After Dubrovnik we will travel down to Montenegro for a few days. Croatia is such a beautiful country and we will be back for sure.




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