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70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival in numbers

By  Aug 25, 2019

The 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival is coming to an end and it has been another superb season of culture in the city. Almost 2,000 artists from nearly twenty countries appeared on twenty stage venues all over the city.

A total of 80 various cultural events were held through the duration of the most important festival on Dubrovnik’s cultural calendar, including 30 dramatic performances, 16 musical performances, 5 folklore performances and 9 movie screenings.

Ticket prices for the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival ranged from 80 to 600 Kuna and approximately 60,000 visitors watched the events this year.

The programs of the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Games were attended by approximately 60,000 visitors.

There were five press conferences held over the festival and 115 press releases were sent out. 195 media representatives were accredited to monitor the festival, of which 117 were Croatian journalists, 67 photographers and cameramen, and 11 journalists and cameramen from foreign newsrooms.

The festival was monitored by numerous media and in July and August more than 500 articles were published and more than 3,500 were articles were published on internet portals and social networks.

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