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Huge tailbacks at Croatian border mean fewer day trippers from Trebinje on Dubrovnik beaches

Written by  Aug 25, 2019

The beaches of Zupa certainly aren’t as busy as they normally are, especially the Kupari beach, and one of the main reasons is the lack of visitors from neighbouring Trebinje. Traditionally Kupari and the beach are a destination that is popular for guests from neighbouring countries, the ease of parking, beach bar and relatively long beach area have made this Zupa beach a magnet for day tourists from Trebinje and neighbouring towns.

However, with the construction of a new border crossing on the Croatian side of the border and seemingly tighter controls have meant that the delays at the border are up to 2 hours. In fact, just a few weeks ago the whole computer system failed at the border and lead to delays of 8 kilometres which took hours to clear. These delays, combined with the opening of a new water park in Trebinje, have meant that many of the visitors have decided to stay at home rather than visit the beaches of Zupa.

According to information the longest delays are in the morning until 10.00am and then from 6.00pm till late in the evening. One reason for these “peak time” delays are the large number of people who cross the border on foot. The large demand for seasonal workers in Dubrovnik has meant that hundreds and hundreds of employees come from Trebinje at the beginning of the week and then go home on Friday evening.

There are also a great number of seasonal workers, from all parts of Croatia, who decide to pay the considerably cheaper rents across the border and then commute to Dubrovnik on a daily and weekly basis. And of course this flow of workers, who mostly walk across the border, has led to even longer queues at the border.

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