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Keep cool in the Dubrovnik heat Keep cool in the Dubrovnik heat Mark Thomas

Get the sun cream back out another mini heat wave on the way for Dubrovnik

By  Aug 20, 2019

Just when you thought that the extreme heat in Dubrovnik this August had finally subsided it looks like we are in for another mini-heat wave and a hot end to the week. The Dubrovnik – Neretva County have released a weather report of the county which states that there is a “moderate danger” of a heat wave this Thursday and Friday.

It has certainly been a summer to remember in Dubrovnik, and indeed across the whole of Europe, with mercury busting temperatures. In fact, according to data released July 2019 saw the hottest temperatures ever recorded globally.

drinking water from public founatin in dubrovnik

Take plenty of water onboard - Photo Tonci Plazibat 

And now the heat is expected to arrive again with temperatures on Thursday predicted to hit 32 degrees and on Friday 31 degrees. Although by the weekend the extreme heat and humidity should ease and highs should be under 30 degrees.

Once again experts are warning people to stay out of direct sunlight from midday to 5.00pm and to drink plenty of fluids. It seems that we have written those words many, many times this summer.


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