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First fines for ATMs on the openings of buildings: Seven facilities to pay 10 thousand kuna each

By  Aug 19, 2019

Seven facilities in the historic core of Dubrovnik got fined in the amount of 10 thousand kuna after the administrative procedure was ordered to remove the installed ATMs from the openings of the building.

After the payment deadlines expire, and if the ATM users do not remove the ATMs, a new enforcement order will be issued with a fine, with an amount twice as high each time (20,000 kuna, then 40,000 kuna, then 80,000 kuna…) and can go up to one million kunas.

In the meantime, tomorrow and every following day, the Municipal Police will penalize violators by issuing mandatory misdemeanor warrants, in the amount of 10,000 kuna a day for legal entities + 2,000 kuna a day for a responsible person, while the amounts for offenders will be in the amount of 2,000 daily.

Last week, the users of spaces in Siroka Street, who also received a removal order, removed the ATMs by themselves before the deadline and avoided paying high fines.

Amendments to the Municipal Order Decision, which mandated the City of Dubrovnik to ban the installation of ATMs and other devices in openings on buildings in the historic core, made Dubrovnik the first Croatian city to regulate the issue of ATMs in order to protect UNESCO's monumental heritage.

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